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Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a mom, a lawyer, a writer and a painter. I’ve been practicing transportation law for  twenty-five years. In March 2020, when my consulting job was terminated because of the pandemic, I started writing essays and fiction and loved it. I’m working on a middle grade novel based on my childhood as an Iranian immigrant struggling with body image issues and fitting into my family and new American homeland. I'm also working on a novel about leaving Iran, coming to America and the struggle, beauty and hope of the American immigrant identity. I'm represented by Erin Niumata at Folio Literary Management for adult books and John Cusick at Folio Jr. for children's books. 

I hosted a podcast for a while called The Second Half about the struggle, heartbreak, healing and joy we experience in the second half of life.  Check it out, we had some great guests.

About a hundred years ago, I studied international relations and political science at Georgetown University, and then headed to George Washington Law School. 

I’ve lived all over the world -- Iran, France, England, Spain, and Canada. I now live in the Washington D.C. area with my husband and two boys. When I’m not writing, doing legal work or painting, I'm binge watching shows, eating on the couch or making dinner for my family while blasting my favorite music curated by my friend Alexa.

You can find me on twitter @contactrebecca, see my artwork at or hear my podcast here.

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